Tricky Dick
Rick Eason
 Original Tricky Dick
Introduced at IPP 19 in London, August 1999
Return of Tricky Dick
Same pieces, different topology

With both variations, the object is to remove the small ring. Of course you may not untie or loosen the knots. No force is necessary (although a very small amount of force may be required with the original version when the puzzle is new - before it loosens up). As noted above, the two variations use the same pieces; they are just put together differently.

Do not despair! Both variations are harder than they first appear, but there is a solution! You may view the solutions by clicking here, but please do so only in the case of extreme emergency! Do not rob yourself of the satisfaction of solving it yourself! If you just want a hint click here.

I have a few of these puzzles left. I prefer to swap for other puzzles, but might consider selling. Email  For a nice wooden version of Tricky Dick, check out Mr. Puzzle at

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