Coach Morse
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Download the manual in MS Word format.

Download the manual as a pdf document.

The program "cmorse.exe" contains the same algorithm as that used by Coach Morse for generating random characters. When you run this program it will ask you to enter a few numbers which get it in the same state as Coach Morse. It can then generate a printout of the code which will then be sent. This provides a convenient way of checking your answers.

The program can also be used to provide a quick introduction to what some of the commands do. For example, what might the output be like if I had wanted a certain number of characters and used certain favorite (user) characters played a certain fraction of the time? Try it with the software and see what output would be generated.

Sorry, but the software is currently only available for DOS (and Windows) systems.  Click here to download

Need a great program for practicing Morse code using your computer? Check out Super Morse! Download it here.