The "Twenty" Cube
Exchange puzzle for International Puzzle Party 21
Tokyo, Japan, August 2001
Rick Eason

Picture of the four pieces
The 4 pieces of the "Twenty" Cube
Picture of assembled cube
Assembled cube

Objective:  Make a cube with the 4 pieces.
Puzzle type: Misc. Interlocking Solid Puzzle
Description: 4 pieces of walnut and maple (wood) form a cube
Cube dimension: 5.5 cm on a side
Designed and made by: Rick Eason

With only four pieces, this is not an extremely difficult puzzle. However, while there are four different ways the pieces could "pack" into a cube, only one of these can be disassembled. Thus, the puzzle has only a single solution. I've found that some people "get lucky" and solve it within 5 minutes, while others may take 20 or 30 minutes.

I really hate to give out solutions, but if you really must know click here.

In the near future, I hope to include information on other versions of this puzzle on this web page.

© 2001, Richard Eason

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