Myopic Doves
Designed, made and presented by Rick Eason
for International Puzzle Party 24
Tokyo Japan, July/August 2004

Eight cubes, each with a half-blind dovetail and groove, no two alike, form a solid cube

The pieces

Assembled puzzle

Top view of the pieces
In each case the tail is on top

Objective: Make a solid cube out of the eight pieces. There is only a single solution. Actually there are four solutions for “packing” the pieces, but only one of these will assemble/disassemble.

Click here for a description of several variations of Myopic Doves.

I really hate to give out solutions, but if you really, really must have my solution sheet, then click here.

© Richard Eason, 2004

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ways will actually assemble/disassemble. Two other sets of pieces that