Double-Hole Pin Cube
Exchange puzzle for International Puzzle Party 20
Los Angeles, August 2000
Rick Eason

Objective:  Form a 3x3x3 cube with the 9 pieces. The puzzle has a single solution. Fortunately, a little logic can go a long way in solving it. It is one of a family of three puzzles (plus their mirror images) having all different pieces of this nature; i.e., L-shaped trominoes with two holes (or a double length hole) and two pins (or a double length pin) in the remaining cube. The other two puzzles also have a single solution. Click here for information on the other two puzzles.

For the solution logic click here. This can be used as a sequence of hints.

I really hate to give out the actual solution, as I don't want to rob you of the satisfaction of solving the puzzle yourself. If what you want to do is put the pieces in a nice form for storage, then please consider using a pseudo solution which will fit the pieces in a 4x3x3 box. In this form a single rubber band will hold it together. I don't think this solution will give you any hints about the real solution. However, if you really really must know the real solution, it can be found here.

Bonus objective (difficult): Pack the 9 pieces into a 4x3x3 box, such that all holes are occupied by a pin. Of course there will be 9 empty cube locations. There is only a single solution that does not involve simply creating the 3x3x3 cube and dropping it in the box. For the solution to this problem click here. Note that the pseudo solution given above has one hole which is not occupied by a pin.

I have a few of these puzzles left (made with maple). I prefer to swap for other puzzles of comparable value, but might consider selling. Email

© 2000, Richard Eason

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