Coach Morse
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Coach Morse includes the following features:

Plays all letters, numbers and the 7 prosigns from the code tests.
Random pattern will not repeat (at least in your lifetime!).
Sends random length words.
Can adjust speed from 3 to 120 words per minute.
Novice, General, and Amateur Extra class speeds are very easy to obtain.
Can easily switch between CODEX and PARIS methods of rating the speed.
Supports Farnsworth method - you pick any character rate and any word rate.
Repeat feature will repeat each character up to three times.
Adjustable volume.
Can have characters sent at the frequency they appear in normal English text (so E, T, etc. occur most often).
User can choose a character subset using a combination of two methods
User directs that only the first n characters from the character list be sent. (Used for the Koch method.)
User enters up to 16 favorite characters and specifies how often (on average) these are sent in place of the regular set.
All settings are remembered when you shut the unit off. 
Affordable! Priced cheaper than many code tapes.
Can replay code if desired.
Very low power consumption—a set of 3 AA batteries can last several thousand hours of continuous play!
Automatic power off — power turns off automatically after a user-defined period of time.
Free PC software can generate answers.

Admittedly, one of the main limitations of this unit is that it does not send random QSO's (although it can send with the "rhythm" of actual English text). Adding the feature of sending simulated QSO’s would have added quite a bit to the cost. We suggest you take Coach Morse with you everywhere and play code whenever possible. Then listen to a PC program (shareware versions are available), tapes or radio to practice receiving QSO's at times you are able to do so.